*All bag counts are based on standard kitchen bags.

The Count the Bags Movement helps pick up litter around public areas and your neiborhood. We were out on a walk as a family when we noticed that there was a lot of trash and recycling on the ground. We decided that the next day we would go out and pick some up after the morning lessons. Everyone thought this as a good idea because it got us outside as a family.

The next day Darin and our youngest daughter, Dani built us some snazzy trash stabbers. We tried them out and got a lot of trash.  Dani had the idea to share what we were doing with others who might want to do the same thing. She decided to call it Count the bags counts the impact, and soon shortened it to just Count the Bags.

Count the Bags is a way for us to spend time together while helping the earth (and staying six feet apart) We highly suggest that you try it to. Enter your bags above to have them counted to the over all totals or share a funny photo of something weird you found.

Thank you for helping to support our movement for a better world.

Want to make your own trash-stabber?

Follow these easy steps to find out how.

Step one: You will need one round stick, one long nail, a drill, and a hammer. Take the stick and make sure you can touch the ground with it without bending down. If not, you may need to find a longer stick.

Note: You can use a broomstick, curtain rod, or a stick from outdoors (Just make sure you cut of all the small branches)

Step two: With a bit one size smaller then the nail you're using, drill through the end of the stick at about a 15 degree angle, so that the drill bit goes all the way through.

Step three: Push the nail into the hole in the side of the stick and drive through with hammer until the point is all the way out of the end of the stick. (Be careful not to split the stick.)

Step four: Carefully bend the nail so that it is in line with the stick. This will also help it not push back out as you stab trash.


This is where we post pictures of the weird stuff found as part of Count the Bags efforts.