Where it All Started

Deanna and I have a Black Friday tradition. During our extended weekend visit with my family, we leave our girls with my mom and head to a movie and dinner together. It’s a great time to connect in the midst of a season of gratitude. On our date in 2017, Deanna gave me one of...Continue reading

What I Believe

I have read over 130 books since January of 2018, when I started down this road of self-improvement. Not all have been winners, but more have been great than have been duds. The vast majority have been in the vein of leadership, productivity, and brain science with a few detours into faith issues and novels....

Ready Go

One of my grandfathers kept his tools meticulously on a pegboard wall and in organized drawers. He wiped them clean after he used them, placing them back in their designated place, and even ones he’d used for decades looked brand new. My other grandfather left his tools in odd places, stacked on shelves and counters...Continue reading

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