Ready Go

One of my grandfathers kept his tools meticulously on a pegboard wall and in organized drawers. He wiped them clean after he used them, placing them back in their designated place, and even ones he’d used for decades looked brand new.

My other grandfather left his tools in odd places, stacked on shelves and counters or strewn about his house, garage, and yard, usually a little rusty from being left out in the rain at some point. His tools generally worked fine when you could find the one you needed, or at least the one with which you could make due.

To start any project with my second grandfather took a lot of initial time finding where he had last used a tool, deciding if it worked, or finding something that would make do if not. But for my first grandfather, you could just start. He knew where every tool was, knew exactly what tools he had, and knew that they worked. There was no getting “set,” there was just “Ready?” and “Go.”

So what is Ready Go?

For longer than I can remember, I have been using this simple phrase. It’s the idea of ready, set, go, but it expects that you are actually all set, so I omit that. I use it with my kids: you know what you need to do and have everything you need to do it, so ready go! I used it with my staff when we finished a meeting and had all our plans, ready go! I even occasionally use it with strangers before I think better of it, and get weird looks.

For our purposes, I want to help you get all set so that when you are ready, you can go. What are the tools, processes, routines, habits, mindsets, and beliefs that you need to develop so that you are all set? That’s what I want to help you build. Then, when that next opportunity comes up, you don’t have to wait until you are all set. You can just ready go!

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